During the COVID-19 crisis we are open from

7:00 a.m. – Noon M,T,W,Th and F. 

We are offering breakfast and lunch “to-go” to everyone.

Lunch available from 11:00 a.m. – Noon

Seasonal appropriate clothing is available upon request. 


Emmaus Center is a 100% / all volunteer faith-based organization that reaches out to the forgotten people of our community to raise them up out of their present life circumstances.

Our Mission:

Emmaus Center is a place where people can come and share in the life of the community.

Through this life in community the people develop a sense of self-worth and a range of skills. We believe that people will rise to a better life when they begin to believe they have something of value to give back by serving others.

The services we provide without charge:

  • We serve breakfast and lunch (between 1500-2000 meals per month) to anyone who walks in our doors four days a week (M,T,Th and F).

  • We distribute season-appropriate clothing each Tuesday

  • We are a resource center and put people in contact with other organizations in our community that can help them

  • We offer spiritual direction to those who seek it

  • We hold an inclusive sacred scripture study each day just before lunch

  • We teach 3D technology and offer job skills to those interested

  • We are a community of people, called to love and serve one another

Emmaus Center Today:

400 CrainThanksgiving 2018  Click Here to see YouTube Video