We’re All in This Together

This child has nothing to eat. Yet, when he was given two lollipops, he offered one to the photographer. The world will be a better place if we learn from him.

In 2008 Trish and I moved from South Florida to Maryland for the primary purposes of beginning a new ministry and establishing a counseling practice for the both of us.  In deciding what we were to do, we asked ourselves one question:  “If Jesus was walking the face of the earth today, where would we find him working?”  That, myFriends, defined what we would do.  So we talked, we investigated and we prayed; we even found a storefront where we could open our church, our counseling practice and our outreach ministry. We decided to call the entire facility Emmaus Center.  As Christians we understood, that after his death and resurrections, some of Jesus’ own disciples didn’t even recognize him until he broke bread with them.   So, Trish and I opened a church on Sundays and not only offered all the “Holy food and drink of new and unending life,” but we also fed people from our food pantry.  In the beginning we wondered if we could freeze peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Ha!  Over the years, God brought us many people to serve. We averaged between 1500-2500 meals per month and not once did we ever freeze peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  In those years we partnered with many other churches and organizations that served the homeless and the poor in our area.  It was truly the Body of Christ, loving people the way our Lord showed us by his life here on Earth.

Today, the Center is no longer open and our hearts weep inside.  But it seems that God is calling us to serve people in a different way.  We honor those who work at serving others and who care about the future of our planet.  It is our hope and desire that, through this Emmaus Center website, we can become a means of information and direct financial support to those who get it….those who truly understand that, we’re all in this together. !

100% of all funds collected through this site will go directly to the designated organization.

Love in Christ,

Ed Jansen and Trish Gaffney