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  1. George says:

    I was laid off over two years ago and cannot find work. I am 56 years old and no one seems to want to hire an “old man” like me. I heard about Emmaus Center from a friend who is in the same situation as I am in. I was really reluctant to go there for food, but we were really struggling to put food on the table. When my wife and I went there, the people greated us with a smile and were sooooo helpful. Me and my wife were treated with dignity and respect. The people at Emmaus Center ought to be nominated as saints. You guys are really a blessing to us. Thank you and may God bless all of you there.

    George W.

  2. B BOCK says:

    I’m a Homeless Guest that’s Struggled through Peoples Stereotypes of What We Are…I’m a Human Being. Just like You. I need a chance to show Self Worth. I enjoy Giving back to the Community.To take Pride in Helping Others. Cleaning up the Neighborhood. A part of this rebuilding the Community, makes Me a Better Person. When We can Contribute our Talents and Skills to the Church that shows us Unconditional Love. It teaches US to be Christian like, and show the same Love to the Public. We Unite as God teaches US from the Bible. To love your neighbor like a Brother. To keep everyone from harms way. We don’t want to be harmed either. Most of US are very Good people without a home. We will call the authorities if there’s a problem. In most cases, there’s not. The bad apples won’t hang around the homeless that are helping each other…and We Do Help Everyone. Everyone Deserves to Eat and Get Necessities to Survive. We are not a Heartless People. We even learn the Bible to Teach Others. We help people who have homes. We Show the same Kindness you would expect from your family…Because We Are A Family. So stop by and I’ll bet your shown Love with Open Arms from Everyone…Staff and Guest. There are Rules and Everyone on the streets knows Father Ed runs a tight ship. Enjoy a Coffee and a Study the Friendly atmosphere will overwhelm you..You’ll feel the Presents of the Holy Spirit…Father Ed and Amma Trish are Great Too ….LOL….We Have So Much To Offer When We Are given The Chance….Love and Hugs

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